Wheelhouse Expertise

The Wheelhouse partners successfully develop corporate investments by leveraging their expertise in:

  • Aligning all aspects of the company to achieve both short- and long-term success
  • Bringing objectivity and expertise to challenging circumstances
  • Increasing shareholder value through both organic and strategic growth
  • Leading companies through transitional growth
  • Quickly making sound decisions to move toward change
  • Working closely with private equity and other investors

An integral part of the Wheelhouse team, Wheelhouse Experts augment the Wheelhouse Partners within a set of targeted proprietary business disciplines.  Wheelhouse Experts are not consultants, project managers, or technical help.  Experts are highly skilled executive leaders — who are also specialists in one or more business disciplines.  They are the systemic drivers of performance improvements and are functionally aligned with operations, finance,  information technology, business intelligence.  Wheelhouse Experts are uniquely qualified and can be aligned to greatly improve business functions in operations, finance, information technology, business intelligence, and  sales and marketing.