When To Call Wheelhouse

Bottom line: Companies need Wheelhouse when they are looking to increase shareholder value. From the excitement of exploring acquisitions to the struggles of needing a turnaround, companies call upon Wheelhouse for a variety of different transformations:

  • Acquisition looks attractive but new company lacks management talent
  • Company has outgrown its management team
  • Environment is stagnant
  • Executives not aligned on strategy
  • Facing unfamiliar territory
  • Integration needs experienced leadership
  • Lack of accountability and poor metric management
  • Leadership team is not suited for current challenges
  • M&A opportunities would be a distraction to operations
  • Margin erosion
  • Organic growth is slowing … or has slowed
  • Original investment model not meeting projections
  • Showing signs of poor performance
  • Strategy no longer holding up
  • Top-line growth needs improvement

And, the list goes on and on. What led to the need for transformation isn’t important, but the length of time the company waits before bringing in experienced leaders to grow the investment is crucial. Bringing Wheelhouse in sooner — rather than later — gives the company its best chance for capitalizing on current opportunities to position the company for future success.