The Wheelhouse Model

Wheelhouse is an executive leadership firm specializing in growing shareholder value. Wheelhouse is not a consulting firm, but rather a hands-on management firm developed specifically for companies seeking strong leadership to achieve demonstrable growth.

In today’s business climate, many companies — both public and private — are facing new challenges. These obstacles occur in the form of increased competition, declining top lines, struggling business models, merger integrations, financial issues, out-dated products and a host of other significant events.

No matter the situation, no matter the size of the company or the challenge it’s facing, Wheelhouse implements swift and positive change to help increase the value of the company.

Because of its experience and expertise, Wheelhouse is able to hit the ground running. By stepping into the chief executive role, Wheelhouse accelerates and directs the day-to-day management of the transformation. And because of the proven talent of the Wheelhouse partners, companies avoid the significant delays, additional distractions and protracted expenses that often come with a full-blown executive search.

Each situation is unique. Therefore, each Wheelhouse venture varies in scope and timeframe. However, the majority of the Wheelhouse incentives are aligned with an increase in shareholder value. By design, Wheelhouse defers a portion of income until it reaches agreed-upon financial and strategic milestones. This model does not put an additional burden on working capital. It also mitigates shareholder risks and further compels Wheelhouse to quickly and successfully grow the company.