Performance Modules

Performance management relies on some common, but complex functions. The most universally apparent functions are finance, operations, information technology, sales and marketing — creating a culture of accountability. These functions exist in some form for every business. Executives in most companies understand and support these lifeblood functions. This is not to say that they are being managed to best practices. Wheelhouse has captured best practice process, procedures, and reporting for these functional areas as well as several other less apparent business functions. Wheelhouse specifically designed our performance modules as a collection of best practices and templates for the Wheelhouse expert to deploy.

Technology Strategy and ImplementationSystems Approach
Enterprise Resource Planning
Manufacture Resource Planning
Customer Relationship Managment
Data Storage
IT Management
Deploy Supporting Technology

Wheelhouse Performance Modules Module Purpose
100 Day Plan Module Set Conditions for Success
Assess Company Drivers
Visibility of Market Drivers
Document Key Processes
Start Planning
Start Reporting
Finance and Accounting Establish F&A Procedures
Assess current process
Communicate Compliance
Provide Best Practices
Baseline Key Factors
Establish Standard F&A Rpts
Planning Align Business Action
Assessment of Current
Determine planning tools
Set Methodologies
Teach Levels of Planning
Provide Best Practices
Set planning in motion
Set Planning Metrics
Business Reporting Align Functional Reports against Drivers
Report Key Metrics
Set Business Metrics
Set Formats
Data Integration
Sales Generate New Revenue
Establish Sales Pipeline
Create Routine Report
Increase Sales Activity
Process Improvement Business Process Mapping
Prioritize and Communicate Changes
Deploy Supporting Technology
Deploy System
Manage System