Wheelhouse takes the executive leadership role through a liquidity event and potentially beyond.  When you engage Wheelhouse, you gain unparalleled commitment and access to years of proven performance management expertise, proven performance modules, and state of the art technology solutions.  Wheelhouse is committed to establishing a culture of performance and profitable business conditions.  Most importantly, we lead the company and your investment across the operational gap that often exists between strategic plans and execution with transparency and alignment of all the key business metrics.

Analyzing: The process of breaking business complexity into smaller parts to gain a better understand it.

Monitoring: The process of following or tracking a business drivers, particularly key performance indicators (KPIs).

BPM (Busines Process Mapping):  The science of documenting, comparing, and analyzing business processes, inputs, transactions, and outputs.

Planning:  The process of thinking, organizing, documenting and communicating the activities required to achieve a desired business goal.

Deciding:  The concious act of resolving alternatives or confusion and subsequently directing action to shore up the decision.

Directing:  The science of managing people and process in an accountable fashion to achieve agreed upon goals.